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During a long established international career he has performed at many jazz festivals, jazz clubs, universities and music conservatories in numerous places in different parts of the world. He has done numerous projects, tours, shows and recordings as well as appeared in television and radio programs. Throughout his career, the focus has always been on instrumental music and jazz in all its expressive form and diversity.

Rubem Farias is known for his extraordinary competence and virtuosity in the field of music and for his creativity as a composer and arranger.

Rubem Farias has performed and made musical collaborations with Filó Machado, Gilberto Gil, Randy Brecker, Nils Landgren, Ale Möller, Mike Stern, Magnus Lindgren, Leny Andrade, Ed Motta, Malena Ernman, Robben Ford, Tomaz Janzon, Donald Dean, Flávio Venturini among others.

Rubem Farias is also the curator and musical director of Brazilian Day Stockholm, where he has the opportunity to showcase the best of Brazilian music to the Swedish audience and Brazilians living abroad. The event is a milestone in the city’s music scene, bringing renowned artists and offering a unique experience for lovers of Brazilian music.

With his vast experience and musical talent, Rubem Farias is an important figure in the Brazilian and international music scene, contributing to the growth and development of musical art worldwide.

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Rubem Farias presents his new album, “Black Angel.” Recorded in Stockholm with Johan Löfcrantz Ramsay on drums, Filip Ekestubbe on piano, and Rubem Farias on double bass, compositions, and arrangements. The repertoire is inspired by images captured as a result of human collective experiences. Each composition is a musical representation of these images.

Rubem Farias is a Brazilian bassist born in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, and based in Stockholm, Sweden. One of the best in the industry today, Rubem Farias has an international career and has performed in various parts of the world at major festivals, jazz clubs, universities, and music conservatories. He has dedicated his life to the art of making music. With a solid and well-established career, he has undertaken and participated in various projects, tours, shows, and recordings with numerous artists, including appearances on TV and radio programs. Throughout his career, he has been involved in several instrumental music and jazz-related projects worldwide. He is recognized for his extraordinary skills and virtuosity in the field of music, as well as his creativity as a composer and arranger. He also serves as the musical director of Brazilian Day Stockholm, a major festival focusing on Brazilian culture in the Swedish capital. In recent years, he has recorded albums such as “Rubem Farias Big Band” in Brazil, “Rubem Farias Quinteto,” “The Seeds Of Freedom Tree,” and “Aos Mestres Da Bossa Nova I” (João Gilberto Tribute). Rubem Farias has performed with various artists in Brazil and other parts of the world.

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